Get a complete overview of your POCT setup with the AQURE system

POC management systems

Connectivity makes everyone’s job easier

With Radiometer's POC management solutions, patient test results are easy to collect, share, and manage according to regulatory requirements.

Laboratory staff likes having more control

  • Our solutions make decentrally-placed analyzers easy to monitor.
  • Automatic functions mean all testing meets regulatory requirements.

Clinicians like having more time for patient care

  • Correctly identified results are quickly available at the point of care.
  • Our solutions optimize the process from the time the sample is taken until the result is delivered.

Administrators like the reduced risk and greater savings

  • Fewer errors mean less need for repeat measurements, saving staff time and costs.
  • Correct patient-sample match at the bedside eliminates lost billing opportunities and the legal risk of incorrect patient identification.

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